Edovo Users Make BIG TALK

By: Edovo Jan 09, 2017


In an effort to keep innovating in our space, Edovo is branching out from traditional classroom learning options. We aim to be a platform for users to explore their interests and dig deeper into themselves. This winter we joined forces with Kalina Silverman, founder of BIG TALK, to take a leap in that direction.

If you haven’t heard of BIG TALK, check it out. In a nut shell, Kalina’s mission is to foster meaningful interactions by skipping the small talk and diving right into life’s more profound questions. Participants ask and answer questions like, “how do you show love?” and “what do you fight for?”

Kalina helped us bring BIG TALK to Edovo and it quickly became one of the most popular options on the platform. Here’s how it works:

Kalina’s BIG TALK program is configured into a series of six courses on Edovo, each centered around a theme. Students answer BIG TALK questions themselves, and learn to make BIG TALK with the people around them. The questions are open-ended and entirely free-response, with no right or wrong answers. Needless to say, we didn’t know what to expect from users as they engaged with this new curriculum.

When students started completing the courses, however, we were blown away by the thoughtful and insightful answers they produced!

Some told stories about the fear and difficulties of adjusting to prison and the powerful lessons they’ve learned along way. Others reflected on love, healing, and their hopes and dreams for the next generation. Many students explained how looking back helps them move forward, noting they would like to try BIG TALK with other people.

“I'm so excited for Big Talk to partner with Edovo and reach a new audience through this unique tablet course,” Kalina says. “I hope it will help users share their life experiences and get to better understand themselves too!”

Everybody has a story, and telling that story can be therapeutic. A prison or jail environment isn’t always the most inviting space for a person’s deepest thoughts. With BIG TALK, our users have both a private space for self-reflection and the tools they need to reflect with others, build relationships and foster empathy.

We look forward to following users’ progress with the series on our platform. In a recent survey, students were eager to get even more BIG TALK materials. “Can you upload a second course this week?” one message read. “I’d like to finish it before I go home.”