Edovo's Vision for 2017

By: Edovo Jan 01, 2017


For nearly four years Edovo has been at the forefront of correctional education, helping to provide increased educational opportunities to incarcerated individuals across the country. Our focus on curating and delivering over 10,000 hours of evidence based programming has resulted in dramatic improvements to inmate behavior and re-entry preparation for partner facilities nationwide.

We are constantly looking for new ways to accomplish our mission of reducing recidivism and improving public safety. According to the Vera Institute and Rand Corporation, two proven drivers responsible for lowering rates of recidivism are education and consistent family communication. As we refine our vision for 2017, we will look to continue utilizing both education and communication to transform the Edovo experience and the corrections industry as a whole.

Edovo is committed to a fair and efficient communication model that places the well-being of the incarcerated and safety of the public at the heart of our services. As the industry continues to evolve, we will utilize our experience to develop new and exciting ways for Edovo users to stay in contact with their loved ones. We are excited for the opportunity to offer expanded services to our clients and utilize the impact of communication to further improve outcomes and unlock potential.