Improving Literacy With BeeLine Reader

By: Edovo Nov 03, 2016


This week, we are excited to launch new reading technology from BeeLine Reader. BeeLine is used as a learning aid for low-literate students, and as a speed-reading tool for skilled readers.

How BeeLine Works

Instead of using monochrome text, BeeLine displays text using a color gradient that wraps from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. Formatting the text in this way aids visual tracking, which increases reading fluency and improves focus.

Existing Educator Research

Educator studies have demonstrated the app’s effectiveness, indicating improved reading ability and comprehension in both general education settings, and with ELL and special education students. In one research study with early readers, students using BeeLine outperformed their peers by 175%! An ELL study showed similar gains, with students nearly doubling their reading fluency scores in just five weeks.

Testing by literacy nonprofit Bookshare found that BeeLine provides significant benefits to students who struggle with dyslexia, attention deficits, and vision impairments. Bookshare has since integrated BeeLine’s technology into its Web Reader, which is the largest accessible ebook library in the world.

Edovo and Literacy

Tens of millions of Americans struggle with literacy today. In U.S. prisons, nearly two thirds of inmates are functionally illiterate, making literacy a priority of Edovo’s educational efforts. We are excited to introduce BeeLine on Edovo tablets to support our users’ learning process and reading comprehension skills. Even the more skilled readers on Edovo can benefit, as BeeLine is also used by college students and professionals everywhere as a speed reading tool.

Edovo’s open platform design makes it possible to integrate any variety of content. We are always looking out for the best, data-driven programs to put in the hands of our many thousands of users, and BeeLine Reader is a great addition this month.

Learn More

Want to learn more about BeeLine Reader? You can read more in The Atlantic, hear about it on Public Radio, or try it out for yourself with the free Browser Plugin and iOS app.