Call for Donations: Translate i-Pathways Curriculum to Spanish!

By: Edovo Oct 27, 2016


Every year, tens of thousands of Americans depend on the GED and other high school equivalency (HSE) credentials to advance their academic and professional goals. However, most adult education programs lack the option for Spanish speakers to prepare in their native language. Only 5% of all GED tests are taken in Spanish but population statistics would suggest the percentage would be much higher.  According to the US Department of Labor, 28% of US Hispanics do not have a high school degree. This is a higher percentage than any other US ethnicity. 

Our partner i-Pathways is working to change this. A leader in college and career readiness curricula, i-Pathways has an impressive success record. Data provided by the Illinois Department of Corrections shows that in FY16, 96% of their program followers passed the new computer based GED(r) Exam. Today, i-Pathways is taking a step further to translate their vetted curriculum to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking GED and HSE seekers everywhere.

This project will truly set the standard for high school equivalency preparation programs, and we need your help to make it possible. Edovo has partnered with i-Pathways once more to help them reach their $200,000 goal. With donations made over the next three weeks, we will match up to $1,000. Click here, learn more, and let Edovo double your donation!

High school equivalency content is some of the most sought after material on Edovo. As the incarcerated Hispanic population continues to rise, the need for resources in Spanish has never been more pressing. We are excited to hear that i-Pathways has taken on this project, and even more eager to offer test preparation materials to our users who face a language barrier when pursuing this critical step to self-improvement. Don’t let this opportunity to double your contribution pass! Donate now.