National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

By: Edovo Sep 30, 2016


This week is National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. Today, major disparities in adult education tear deep into the American fabric, but go largely unrecognized across the country. An estimated 36 million American adults struggle with basic literacy. This week, we spread awareness about adult literacy and celebrate efforts to bridge the learning gap.

Challenges posed by adult illiteracy are far reaching, and often spur intergenerational barriers to success. Low literacy adults disproportionately lack basic skills, and are more often touched by unemployment, low wages, and encounters with the criminal justice system. Adult education drives a wedge in this vicious cycle, enabling economic mobility and stability for individuals and families.

To find out more about adult education, family literacy and efforts to confront this challenge, visit the National Coalition for Literacy, and follow #AEFLWeek.