Our mission

At Edovo, our mission is to help everyone connected to incarceration build better lives.

The Problem

It's called corrections, but constraints on facilities and their populations means there's not enough opportunity for meaningful rehabilitation. Today, many of the 2.2 million people who are incarcerated spend much of their time on daytime television.

Challenges to Programming

Challenges to Programming

Shrinking budgets and tighter security requirements prevent jails and prisons from delivering meaningful programming.

Limited Access to Education

Limited Access to Education

Education decreases recidivism by 43%, but 4 out of 5 people in custody don't have regular access.

Higher Violence and Recidivism

Higher Violence and Recidivism

High rates of violence and returning to jail and prison are harmful to inmates and facility staff and costly for Americans.

How can the average facility provide meaningful rehabilitation and programming to this population among all of these constraints?

The Solution

Edovo's secure digital technology is everything a tablet program should be. Our vendor neutral platform provides facilities with a safer environment and unlimited access to self-improvement tools while behind bars.

The Solution  

Correctional Security

Correctional Security
  • No external communication or Internet access
  • Rugged hardware and custom casing
  • Real-time tracking and control of usage and content

Expansive Programming

Expansive Programming
  • Broadest content in the industry at every learning level
  • Beyond academics to CBT, vocational, and life skills training
  • Entertainment incentives that drive wide daily engagement

Unmatched Platform

Unmatched Platform
  • Integrate your own education, PREA training, and even officer training
  • Deliver Edovo on any tablet or computer from any vendor
  • Enable continuity of programming into probation and parole

How it Works


We provide all hardware, connectivity, and software or integrate with existing hardware


Learners can check out any tablet to create an account or pick up where they left off


Self-directed, goal-driven learning pathways allow everyone to go at their own pace


Certificates and rewards drive progress to show to staff, courts, and future employers


Don't just take it from us

See how Edovo represents the future of rehabilitation. Edovo is working with jurisdictions around the country to bring daily education and rehabilitation to their correctional facilities.


High usage means behavior management: over 75% of the population in a major American jail housing unit are using Edovo on a weekly basis, with an average of two lessons completed per day.


Diverse content meets personalized needs: learners have already engaged in thousands of Edovo lessons ranging widely across academic, vocational, and treatment programming.


Self-directed platform is easy to implement: within two weeks of installation, over 95% of users can actively engage with the Edovo platform without questions or difficulties.

Bring Edovo to your Facility

See why Edovo is the most innovative carceral technology solution on the market. Start building a better facility right now.