• Our Mission

    At Edovo, our mission is to help everyone connected to
    incarceration build better lives.

The Problem

It's called corrections, but constraints on facilities and their populations mean there isn't genuine opportunity for meaningful rehabilitation. Today, many of the 2.2 million people who are incarcerated spend much of their time on daytime television.

Limited Access to Communication

Tight budgets and limited resources prevent jails and prisons from delivering meaningful programming or rehabilitative content. Education decreases recidivism by 43%, but 4 out of 5 people in custody don't have regular access.


High rates, unnecessary fees, and poor customer service have become all too common in corrections, thanks to limited competition and profit driven vendors. These problems are felt by agencies, the incarcerated, and their loved ones.

Higher Violence and Recidivism

Substantive education and consistent communication are key in helping individuals prepare for re-entry. A lack of affordable access and engagement can lead to higher rates of violence and recidivism for incarcerated populations.

Edovo's tablets are the perfect solution for advanced and secure inmate tablet technology.

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The Solution

Edovo utilizes secure tablet technology to deliver free access to educational programming and low cost communication services. Edovo operates as an all-in-one communication and education consultancy, providing key services and creating custom solutions for jails and prisons nationwide. Edovo's platform makes staying in touch with loved ones more affordable, improves safety within correctional environments, and increases opportunities for rehabilitation.

Correctional Security

  • No public Internet access or unauthorized content
  • Rugged hardware and locked down software help prevent breakage and device tampering
  • Track user actions, control platform usage, and analyze data

Expansive Programming

  • Industry leading library of educational, vocational, and life skills programming
  • Learners spend time on education to earn entertainment rewards
  • Continue education after release with EdovoGO

Unmatched Operational

  • Digitize operations including forms, commissary, and law library
  • Easily add facility specific information and create custom reports
  • Track and store key facility information and activities

Communication Services

Edovo provides fair and honest communication services to help keep incarcerated individuals connected to their loved ones. Edovo's goal is to help drive down communication rates industry wide and lower the financial barriers to consistent communication.

Calling Services

Instant Messaging

Video Visitation

Photo Sharing



Agencies and Facilities
Friends and Family

Don't Take it From Us

See how Edovo represents the future of rehabilitation. Edovo is working with agencies across the country to bring daily access to education, rehabilitation, and communication to their correctional facilities.





  • High usage means behavior management: over 75% of the population in a major American jail housing unit are using Edovo on a weekly basis, with an average of two lessons completed per day.

  • Active states using Edovo: over 150 correctional agencies across the country, ranging from small county jails to multi-facility state DOCs, have partnered with Edovo to offer a range of educational and communication services.

  • Diverse content meets personalized needs: over 150k learners have already completed over 1 million hours of educational lessons ranging across academic, vocational, and treatment programming.
  • Self-directed platform is easy to implement: within two weeks of installation, over 95% of users can actively engage with the Edovo platform without questions or difficulties.

Bring Edovo to Your Facility

See why Edovo is the most innovative corrections technology solution on the market. Start building a better facility right now.

Are you a correctional agency interested in skipping the procurement process altogether?

Edovo has a nationally executed agreement with NASPO ValuePoint, allowing you to leverage your spending through a single, collaboratively negotiated contract. Simply download the participating addendum below and add specific terms for your agency. 
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